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Our Story

Design Addict Boutique began as a customization business providing shirts, mugs and tumblers with vinyl and sublimated designs. I spent a lot of time on particular web sites looking for different designs and ultimately becoming a design addict, hence the name. Having a membership made it so easy to click download and I have many designs to choose from, pull from, and create new designs from. As time passed the dream of owning my own Boutique came into play when an event came up and I realized that I could not find a decent dress that could flatter my figure AND be priced reasonably. I attended the event with a dress that I was not happy with. I was uncomfortable and I knew that I would probably never wear that dress again. After expressing my thoughts  my husband decided to ask a friend what brands she recommended as a plus-size model. I took the plunge and decided to order a few of her recommendations for myself. My husband instantly noticed a big difference in the way the dress flattered my figure. After going through all the phases of determining the possibility of finally owning a boutique I decided to push forward with the idea. I wanted to be able to provide a brand that could make any woman feel comfortable and not have to think too deep about how it would fit. I feel passionate about providing quality designer apparel for women without breaking the bank. I invite you to come join me for the Grand Opening of Design Addict Boutique. Inspired by pure addiction. Created with love. Customized for you. Now your women's fashion store.